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Machine Vision Filters | Edmund Optics
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Machine Vision Filters

TECHSPEC® Machine Vision Filters

TECHSPEC® Machine Vision Filters

  • Optimized for Use with Popular LEDs
  • Multiple Mounting Sizes and Threads Available to Ease System Compatibility
  • Extremely High and Flat Transmission Profiles Provide Even Illumination

TECHSPEC® Machine Vision Filters are designed and manufactured for the most demanding machine vision and imaging applications. TECHSPEC Machine Vision Filters pass or block specific UV, visible, or IR wavelengths and provide extremely wide angles of incidence. Compared to traditional filters, these hard coated filters provide superior blocking of unwanted light and greater durability for longer lifetimes. Additionally, these filters can be used to improve image contrast and isolate spectral regions and colors.

Color Machine Vision Filters
Color Machine Vision Filters

Información Técnica

Edmund Optics® new line of TECHSPEC® Machine Vision Filters are designed with the industry’s best performance to cost ratio in mind. With extremely sharp edge transition and flat peak transmission, users are guaranteed the optimal signal-to-noise ratio in their imaging system without losing light intensity that is critical for performance.

On average, the blocking range reaches far into the UV at 200nm and stretches out to 1200nm, which covers most of the noise and UV/IR signatures seen in conventional lamps and bulbs.

The graphs below demonstrate the performance typical to our Machine Vision Filters and other Hard Coated filters. The sharp cut-on and cut-off wavelengths are noticeably apparent, as well as transmission values that are >10% improved over traditional imaging filters on the market.


Filter Thread Outer Diameter (mm) Front Thread (to allow for stacking) Filter Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Thread Length (mm) Clear Aperture CA (mm)
M22.5 x 0.50 24.5 M22.5 x 0.50 20.1 ±0.1 4.5 2.0 18.5
M25.5 x 0.50 27.5 M25.5 x 0.50 23.0 ±0.1 4.5 2.0 21.5
M30.5 x 0.50 32.5 M30.5 x 0.50 28.0 ±0.1 5.0 2.0 26.5
M34.0 x 0.50 36.0 M34.0 x 0.50 31.6 ±0.1 5.0 1.5 30.0
M35.5 x 0.50 37.0 M35.5 x 0.50 33.1 ±0.1 5.0 2.0 31.5
M40.5 x 0.50 42.0 M40.5 x 0.50 38.0 ±0.1 5.0 2.0 36.5
M43.0 x 0.75 45.0 M43.0 x 0.75 40.2 ±0.1 5.0 2.0 39.2
M46.0 x 0.75 48.0 M46.0 x 0.75 43.2 ±0.1 4.8 2.2 41.5
M55.0 x 0.75 57.0 M55.0 x 0.75 52.2 ±0.1 4.8 2.2 50.5
M62.0 x 0.75 65.0 M62.0 x 0.75 59.2 ±0.1 5.5 2.5 57.5

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