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1.5" Mirror Mount with Mirror

Mirror Mount with Mirror

Mirror Mount with Mirror

Stock #33-498
Cant. 1-10
Cant. 11
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Adjustable - Tip-Tilt
Black Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Type of Optics:
Square or Rectangular
Size of Compatible Optics (mm):
38.1 (Max.)
Mounting Plate Size (inches):
1.5 Sq.
Centerline Height (inches) :
Fine Tilt Angle (°):
Fine Tip Angle (°):
Adjustment Screw Pitch (inches):
Compatible Post:
¼-20, 5/16, 10-32
Type of Mount:
Mount with Mirror
Pre-Mounted Mirror Size (mm) :
25 x 35
Weight (lbs):

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • 1.0” or 1.5” Square Mounting Surface
  • Two Fine Adjustment Screws (64-Pitch) Allow for Precise Tilting
  • Models Pre-Mounted with a λ/4 Mirror Available

Small Straight Mirror Mounts are available with a 1.0” or 1.5" square mounting surface. These optical mirror mounts feature two stainless steel fine-resolution (64-pitch) mounting screws that provide precise tilting of the mounting surface in two directions. Small Straight Mirror Mounts feature mounting holes in various sizes, including ¼-20 and 10-32. These optical mirror mounts are suitable for mounting to most post mounts.


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