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52 x 120mm, Blue, EuroBrite™ Ring Light

AI EuroBrite Ring Light

AI EuroBrite Ring Light

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Wavelength (nm):
Illumination Mode:
Strobed or Constant
Dimensions (mm):
120 x 120 x 30
Input Voltage (V):
24V nominal (min. 22 / max. 28)
Maximum Input Current:
0.42 - 0.49A
Analog Intensity Control:
10% @ 0.7V, 100% @ 10V
Operating Lifetime (hours):
Operating Temperature (°C):
0 - 60
Trigger-to-Pulse Latency:
Environmental Rating:
Model Number:
Ring Light
Type of Illumination:
LED Illuminator
Weight (g):
See Technical Information Tab for Typical Intensity

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:

Product Family Description

  • 52mm Inner Diameter
  • Requires No Heat Sink
  • Available in White, Red, and Blue

Advanced Illumination EuroBrite™ Ring Light illuminators feature on-board smart drivers functional during strobe and continuous operation modes making them ideal for the most demanding performance constraints. Adaptive OverDrive™ allows for power optimization while in strobing mode, and Adaptive Thermal Feedback™ gives operational current control to the user, preventing overheating and eliminating the need for a heat sink. These Advanced Illumination EuroBrite™ Ring Light illuminators feature a ruggedized, sealed enclosure, and are available in white, red, or blue versions. The illuminators inner diameter can accommodate components up to 52mm in diameter. An analog dimming control operable in both strobe and continuous modes add to illuminator’s customizability.

Note: A 24V power supply is required.

Información Técnica

Typical Intensity
Working Distance 200mm 300mm 600mm
Area ø132mm ø145mm ø226mm
Typical Irradiance (W/M2) 100.0 74 28
Typical Illuminance (kLux) 34.0 25 10

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