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70mm, Side Drive, Thru-Hole, Metric Micrometer Stage

Stock #66-448
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Type of Drive:
Micrometer, Side Drive
Travel (mm):
Length (inches):
Width (inches):
Type of Movement:
Single Axis
Drive Orientation:
Side Drive
Center Hole:
1" x 32 TPI
Aluminium-Stainless Steel
Load Capacity (kg):
Mounting Threads:
(4) M3, (6) M2, (9) M6
Thru-Hole Model
Stage Size (mm):
70 x 70
Straight Line Accuracy (μm):

Product Family Description

  • High Accuracy, Rigidity and Load Capacity
  • Easily Configured into X-Y and X-Y-Z Arrangements
  • 30mm40mm, 70mm and 125mm Versions Available
  • Locking Screw on All Stages
  • Class 100 (ISO 5) Clean Room Compatible

Our newly developed TECHSPEC® Single Axis Crossed Roller Translation Stages feature an advanced crossed roller bearing guide system which provides higher accuracy, rigidity and load capacity. These precision stages offer precise positioning with straight line accuracy of 2μm. Single piece design combining the top or bottom plate with the guide rails further enhances rigidity and accuracy. These stages are available in either a English or Metric configuration with standard table top or thru-hole models. Each stage is designed to integrate with other sizes as well as integrate with TECHSPEC® components further enhancing flexibility and allowing the user to create any number of axes in different configurations.

The thru-hole model accepts 1” x 32 TPI centered on the top plate. All stages are available with micrometer or lead screw with either center or side drive configuration. Leadscrew drives offer 0.5mm pitch, Metric micrometers offer 0.5mm pitch with 0.01mm divisions, and English micrometers offer 0.025” pitch with 0.001" divisions. Z bracket is sold separately for Z-axis setup.

Información Técnica

Center Hole A B C Stock No.
¼-20 0.944" 1.26" 2.0" #66-426
M6 24mm 32mm 50mm #66-432
1" x 32 TPI 1.26" 2.0" #66-438
32mm 50mm #66-444

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