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C-Mount, TO-5 Detector Mount

C-Mount to TO-5 Detector Mount, #58-732

C-Mount to TO-5 Detector Mount, #58-732

Stock #58-732
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Diode Mount
Thread Type:
Compatible Diode Case:
Extension Length (mm):
Clear Aperture CA (mm):
Inner Diameter (mm):
Outer Diameter (mm):
Total Length (mm):
Diode Mount

Regulatory Compliance

Product Family Description

  • C and S-Mount Thread for Easy Integration
  • Low Profile Designs for Minimal System Intrusion
  • Accepts Common Laser Diodes or Photodiodes

TECHSPEC® C and S-Mount Diode Mounts are designed for easy integration of diodes into C and S-Mount compatible systems. Diodes can be oriented in either direction within the mounts to maximize access to leads or connections. TECHSPEC C and S-Mount Diode Mounts feature low profile designs to minimize system length and to decrease the distance between the diode and additional system components. Compatible diode cases include TO-18/TO-46, TO-5, TO-8, BNC connectors, and 5.6mm or 9mm diameter cans.

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